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Polyroad Stabilising is a manufacturer and supplier of Dry Powdered Polymer stabilisers for soils and gravels used in road construction and road rehabilitation.

The company was founded on a belief that it could develop an additive for soils and gravels which would enable the material to retain its dry strength through any wet conditions. Many years of research went into the development and testing of an extensive range of polymeric additives, along with methods of distributing the additive adequately through the soil and gravel matrix. This research was carried out in Polyroad’s own premises together with the valued assistance of the CSIRO laboratories. Following years of laboratory and field-testing, full-scale construction commenced in the early 90’s. Polyroad stabilisation is now proving a valuable tool for the construction of new roads and the recycling of old roads both in Australia and other countries.

The company now has extensive manufacturing facilities at Wodonga situated between the mountains and the famous wine growing areas of North East Victoria. The manufacturing process is extremely complex and has been fully computerised with extensive storage facilities to meet fluctuating construction demand. This plant supplies the product for use throughout Australia and also manufactures for overseas projects.

The State Road Authorities of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia have all carried out independent investigation into the use of Polyroad. This information has been used in the publication of the Austroad document AGPT04D-19 Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4D: Stabilised Materials, on the use of Dry Powdered Polymers.

The company’s engineers would be pleased to advise and assist with any projects and the applications of road design using Polyroad products.